The Norwegian Directorate for Integration and Diversity selects Funka

Funka has for a number of years worked with the The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration when it comes to web accessibility. Now, the The directorate of integration and diversity (IMDi) follows suit and has chosen to order an audit of the accessibility on their external website.

Government agencies with a special focus on persons with a different native language naturally have a special incentive for working with accessibility.

The IMDi wants their website to be a single access point, that as many as possible will be able to benefit from. This has led them to let Funka’s experts perform an audit, checking compliance against the international guidelines for web accessibility, WCAG 2.0 with the exeptions decided by the Norwegian legislation. The goal is to create a more user friendly and accessible website. 

- Accessibility is in many ways too complex for us to be able to perform quality assurance unassisted. We need help to ensure that we play within the boundries of the law and that made the choice to contact Funka an easy one, says Anne-Merethe Pedersen, editor at the IMDi. 

A tailored product, made to ensure compliance with the Norwegian Discrimination and Accessibility Act

Funka’s specialized product is intended to ensure that websites are compliant with the Discrimination and Accessibility Act. It is a smaller, faster version of the more in-depth audits we have based our own methodology on.

Funka is grateful for this confidence and are eager to help the IMDi extend their reach on the Internet.