The Norwegian Environmental Authority chooses Funka

The environmental authority in Norway is working to reduce climate emissions, manage Norwegian nature and prevent pollution. The website contains important information for citizens, companies and public agencies.

The authority develops a website with high demands on accessibility. The environment affects us all, therefore, this type of information must also work for everyone. The environmental authority has had requirements for accessibility from the very beginning of its development project.

We coordinate and streamline our digital channels. First, we investigated ou rusers behavior to better understand what tasks they want to solve when they visit our website. It is important that the website works optimally for everyone. We have received very good help from Funka and learned a lot about the accessibility requirements, says website coordinator Reidar Evensen at the Environmental Authority.

Funka has implemented what we call a full audit of the website that Inmeta has developed. This means that we control all the success criteria in relation to the Norwegian Discrimination Act, but also the requirements that we ourselves have developed base don user needs. We document deficiencies and provide tips and advice on what measures are needed and how these should be prioritized.

Although we, as designers and developers, always try to focus on accessibility, it has been useful and instructive for us to get objective input from Funka's specialists. Funkas knowledge and experience of real users with different abilities has given us useful perspectives and motivation to learn even more about the subject, says Nicklas Svendsrud, front end developer at Inmeta.

Funka thanks for the good cooperation!

Funka's audits