The Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People, FFO

Three questions to Cato Lie, Policy Adviser at the Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People, FFO. Funka and FFO are planning cooperation projects in accessibility in several areas.

What issues are most important to FFO for the moment?

- FFO are working with accessibility in many different areas. Loudspeaker announcements and assistance on buses, standardisation work, and not least monitoring changes in TEK 10, the Norwegian building regulations, are some of them. We have also worked extensively with the Norwegian government’s budget that was recently presented. FFO has put forward several demands in the field of accessibility that we hope will become a reality.

How can we help each other to create a more constructive dialogue on accessibility in built environment in Norway - it almost always seems as if the focus is on costs?

- We agree that the focus of Norwegian politics is on simplified rules instead of making society more accessible to all. Several actors have had an impact on the notion that accessibility is expensive, which is unfortunate, because accessibility provides housing of good quality. If Funka can contribute so that the dialogue over this issue becomes more constructive, we welcome your input. Central user organisations in Norway have a close dialogue in this area and we are following the issue closely.

Is there anything we in the Nordic countries can learn from each other considering policies and regulations?

We are confident that we can learn from each other. We note that the regulations differ in the Nordic countries and it would therefore be an advantage to get an overview of what applies in the different countries and why different solutions are chosen. The goal would be to assemble the best from the different countries and maybe get uniform Nordic regulations on accessibility. In this area Funka can contribute with their knowledge and experience.