The Norwegian Labour Party

Three questions to Bjørn Tore Hansen, Communications Advisor of the Norwegian Labour Party.

Why did you bring in Funka to conduct an audit of your website?

- The Labour Party is committed to ensuring the best possible accessibility on our website, from the technical aspects to having an understandable language. When we created new webpages for the municipal and county Labour Party, we wanted to continue our ongoing efforts keeping the website as accessible as possible.

How have the results of the audit helped you?

- Getting a review from an external actor has been important to ensure the quality, and also to get feedback on the work that our suppliers and we do. It helps us to become better, and it’s also useful to have discussions with experts. That way we know that the new webpages are accessible.

How do you work with accessibility in practice?

- Our goal is always to be the best on the web, which also includes having an accessible website. Basically it means that everyone should have the same opportunities to participate in democracy, in the community and by choice. If we don’t facilitate accessibility, the consequence is exclusion.

- We are constantly striving to improve ourselves, and have in no way reached the goal. However, we are pleased to see that our long-term efforts when it comes to web accessibility have started to produce results.