The Norwegian Tourist Association chooses Funka

To the Norwegian Tourist Association, it is important that everybody can take part of what Norway has to offer. At there are suggestions for hiking trails and inspiration for discovering the beautiful Norwegian nature. To ensure that the website meets the Norwegian Discrimination Act's requirements for accessibility, Funka has been commissioned to make audits and provide support.

Being the whole of Norway's starting point for hiking, the most popular leisure time activity for most Norwegians, means we need to be accessible, says Marlen Knoph, project manager for digital channels at the Tourist Association. The collaboration with Funka plays a key role in making a digital service for everyone's outdoor life.

The right to equal outdoor recreation, leisure travel and tourist attractions is an important part of accessibility that often falls gest less priority when laws and regulations are discussed. But, as you know, people do not only need food on the table, education and work. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities also includes the right to active leisure. Article 30 deals with, among other things, the right to participate in cultural life, recreation, leisure activities and sports.

When Funka conducts an audit of accessibility on the web, the customer is not only given a detailed review of all the requirements with a description of deficiencies and improvement opportunities. The report also contains clear examples, images, screen shots and descriptions of potential solutions.

Funka thanks for good cooperation and wishes the Tourist Association good luck with its ambitious work on inclusion - and enjoy the hike!

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