Enterprise website prepares to meet the criteria

When the Web Accessibility Directive comes into effect this autumn, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth wanted to be well prepared. Therefore, they assigned Funka to review the site verksamt.se, to find out where to put their efforts for improvements to be made. The goal is for verksamt.se to meet the criteria for WCAG 2.0 at AA level, but preferably also the forthcoming WCAG 2.1.

Verksamt.se is a site of collected information and e-services that could be useful for people who want to start or already run their own business. The website is a collaboration between the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and several other Swedish authorities, such as the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Public Employment Service. Thanks to the cooperation, all information from different authorities is gathered on a single site.

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth was looking for suppliers review verksamt.se and found Funka, who they judged could deliver the best service for accessibility audits.

We received a very good report that was both informative and educational. The report contained both suggestions and examples of how we could solve the problems we had with our website. At the handover of the report, we also brought our developers to ask questions. It was great that they could talk directly with your developers, "says Anna Hallenbom, project manager for the website verksamt.se at the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

WCAG compiles knowledge from a large number of users and experts, and has criteria that are divided into three different levels. Level AA is the base level that needs to be met by public sector websites and mobile applications within the EU, and this is the level that the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has as its objective to fulfill. The WCAG criteria can be categorized into four overall principles: the content of a website should be perceivable, and that the information should be operable, understandable and robust.

In the process of reviewing verksamt.se, I found that there are good opportunities to create an accessible website with relatively small adjustments, so that the site also complies with WCAG, level AA. During my work, I discovered a few common issues that we usually see in accessibility audits. One of them is that form fields sometimes lack captions, or labels.
This may mean that persons in need of assistive technology for reading, mainly users with impaired vision or dyslexia, can not get feedback about what the fields in a form should be used for and what the user is expected to enter. In WCAG, the requirement that items should have labels, is in part at AA level, mainly because the problem concerns several success criteria in the web guidelines. In this situation, we describe in our review how the customer should go about creating a secure link between form fields and captions in a way that we know works well with assistive technology, says Sandra Eriksson, Accessibility expert at Funka.

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