The Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Funka has assisted the Swedish Social Insurance Agency with an inventory and an analysis on the result on the built environment of the agency.

Tell us more about the assignment!

- Swedish government authorities should be at the forefront of accessibility! First of all we determine a basic level of accessibility, then we perform inventories and create action plans for the required measures. It applies to all levels and in all the areas of activity that we have, says Eje Grönquist, Project Manager/Head of Accessibility at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

How does the agency make the most of the work on inventories and improving accessibility internally?

- Knowledge of the process of the inventory of accessibility is implemented within the organisation through training, and employees are made aware of new guidelines through the action plans we develop. We also inform about the work on our intranet and in our employee magazine, etc.

Tell us about the most important experiences in working with the built environment in your organisation?

- First and foremost it requires knowledge and energy. In addition, it is important that the management is on board and that there are clear and precise directives. Furthermore, it is important to know who is in charge and who has the responsibility to take care of and correct what is needed. Otherwise, the risk is obvious that it can fall between the cracks!