Training on accessibility moves society forward

Much of what we do is about skills transfer. Inaccessible interfaces that exclude users are not created because someone is evil – rather it has to do with lack of awareness or competence. Even if budget issues are sometimes used as an excuse, we are quite sure that ignorance is the biggest obstacle to inclusion. Therefore, we train - often!

Several thousand professionals have joined our training programs over the years. We have collected some quotes from satisfied customers and hope you will be inspired to sign up for a customized training!

I'm very pleased with the training! For those with little previous knowledge, it was a good basic education and for those who have worked with accessibility issues since before it became a useful update, for example, about the accessibility in mobile interfaces. Well structured, yet flexible for questions and discussions.”

Jennie Vennberg – 1177 Vårdguiden, Västerbotten
Many thanks for your participation at the conference last week! A very successful day and I'm so glad your took part in this. Thanks to your participation in the form of truly interesting presentations, we were all part of a rewarding and awareness-raising day. "

Anna Velander Gisslén – Technical Museum
I will carry with me the day with an experience of respect and dignity. To take part of human reality through practical exercises made me get a completely different understanding of persons with disabilities and their reality."

Johan Rickardsson - Norrköping Municipality
Thanks for a great day, the participants I talked to last Thursday was super happy. We really hope we get the opportunity to work with you again! "

Amelie Sarlin - Digital Media
Thank you, it was a useful and good morning! Important to be reminded of how much easier it is if you do it right from the start. Had many ideas about how we recruit and how much still remains to be done. "

Jenni Almgren – City of Stockholm
Thank you for coming to us to share knowledge. I have received several emails from participants who thought the course was great. "

Jessica Franzen - Swedish Defence Materiel Administration
Thank you for last time! The lecture was very much appreciated and we are working on, including alt text and accessible links. "

Carolina Blaad - National Maritime Museums