Three questions to Tom Losnerdahl, CIO at Uloba. Uloba is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to make sure that people in need of assistance can lead a full and independent life with the support of personal assistants.

You assigned Funka to secure accessibility in your web- and digital solutions, both new and existing, tell us more!

- Accessibility in the digital domain is crucial to Uloba. Our mission is to work against discrimination of persons with disabilities in the physical and digital domain equally. It’s unthinkable for Uloba to develop systems that aren’t accessible.

- Currently, our main focus in IT is on our in-house developed systems for digital work planning and digital time reporting. We also focus on further development on our new Sharepoint-based intranet Freedom, and on procurement of new cloud-based services.

Why do you have one of Funka’s consultants at your office one day a week?

- We want to secure that the current expansion of our work planning and time recording systems are fully accessible; our target is to achieve WCAG AAA levels. We must also assure that our new intranet is 100 % accessible, and that we have sufficient competency in evaluating accessibility compliance for any cloud-based services we are considering.

- From time to time we also use Funka’s consultant for in-service training. We also use the consultant’s know-how and experience for quality assurance of the development of user-friendly interfaces.

How do you use the knowledge of accessibility in your organisation?

- The developers learn by working closely with Funka’s competent consultant. We have also educated our staff in the area of accessibility in digital solutions. Several people from our IT consulting partner Bouvet that we work with also have raised their knowledge in accessibility-related issues. Through a strategic cooperation with Bouvet we make sure that the competence of their consultants are used in a long-term perspective.