Three questions with Marika Sigvardsson, Web Development Manager at Unionen. Unionen is Sweden’s largest trade union on the private labour market and the largest white-collar union in the country.

Why did you choose to audit your website from an accessibility perspective?

- Accessibility is a precondition for a site like ours. We offer different services, support and advice to over 500,000 members. We realized that we needed to get a grip around accessibility with a thorough review as a basis for our ongoing work with the website.

How have you been helped by the results of the analysis - and what happens now?

- Funka has made an excellent review including a comprehensive report with a pedagogical approach that is easy to work with. The division into technology, pedagogy and content also facilitates our work, as it is often different people working with the various parts.

- Our plan now is to go through the report and fix all of the parts that were not good enough. We have already started working on the content, and now during the fall we will fill our backlog with the other parts. The results from the audit also give us a very good understanding on what to prioritize.

What do you do to increase the accessibility of your website?

- Our ambition is that everyone who works with the website shall make sure that the web is accessible in every step. It should not be something that we just work with sometimes, but all the time in the ongoing work. At Unionen, we try to make changes that are relevant from a user perspective. There is no value in itself to implement a new, cool technology solution or design, unless the new solution makes the website better for more people. Then we are on.

- I also believe that a key success factor for an accessible website is to be as specific as possible and actively work with checklists, cheat sheets and regular user tests.