Värnamo municipality took important steps towards an accessible website

Prior to that the Web Accessibility Directive entered into force earlier this autumn, Värnamo Municipality saw a need to review the accessibility of its documents, and gave Funka the assignment.

As a member of Funka's network for Swedish municipalities and with a high level of awareness of what Funka offers, it was natural for Värnamo Municipality to choose Funka as a supplier for reviewing Word document templates.

We feel it is vitally important that the web is accessible, and an important step towards that is accessible documents. Our goal is to be inclusive, which means that what we publish should be accessible to everyone. If we are not, we will expel a large part of our target group, said Atena Ahmadi, webmaster at Värnamo Municipality.
Good Word templates make it easier for editors to produce accessible documents. By making it easy to use stylesheets, lists and the like, accessibility is improved, and the documents get a consistent, uniform look for the entire organisation. Combined with good and clear guidelines for editors, it is an important step in the work towards accessible documents, says Danne Borell, Expert in accessible PDF files and educator at Funka.

Work is now continuing to primarily ensure that all new material is created in the new templates produced by Funka's review. Then all old material will gradually be replaced.

Accessibility is something we need to work with all the time, as we create new material daily, in different forms. A big challenge now is to spread the knowledge of accessibility and what it means to everyone in our organisation who produces something for the web, says Atena Ahmadi.

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