The Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Which web site is the most accessible one? This is a question we are often asked, but it is quite a hard one to answer. Websites can be good at one thing, but a bit worse in other ways. They can for example be technically accessible, but with a content that is really hard to understand. Or, they can be a little bit of both. We would much rather point to organisations that have a good way of working with accessibility. A good example in terms of process seems more relevant than naming a specific URL. But this may soon change, since one webite now has the goal to become the most accessible one!

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency has the responsibility for administering the social insurance and to ensure that people in Sweden get the benefits and allowances they are entitled to. It is a major authority with over 13 000 employees. Like many of our other clients, they have high ambitions regarding accessibility. In September they issued a press release stating that they want to become Number one in accessibility. Very impressive indeed!

As far as we know, no other authority has claimed to have a goal like this before, so we hope they can inspire others to accept the challenge. The website is now launched in a Beta-version, and the public is encouaraged to submit comments and ideas to further enhance accessibility and user experience. This is a way of working iteratively with end users that we fully support.

 The Swedish Social Insurance Agency wants to be the leader in accessibility (in Swedish), opens in new window

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s beta site (in Swedish), opens in new window