Yr.no chooses Funka once again

Funka has audited whether the beta version of the Norwegian weather service Yr.no is compliant with the Norwegian Discrimination and Accessibility Act. Yr.no has previously hired Funka to ensure the accessibility in their services, so that as many as possible can get a weather report.

Yr.no is used by a large percentage of internet users in Norway and is even used by users in other countries. Naturally, a service of this magnitude can’t afford to shut out any individual user group. Yr.no has therefore chosen to let Funka’s experts perform an audit to check compliance against the international standard on web accessibility, WCAG 2.0 AA level, which serves as a basis for Norwegian legislation.

NRK are serious about accessibility. That’s why we chose to hire Funka, who has contributed a walkthrough and advice on how to develop the new mobile web pages, says Hilde Bakkeli, project manager at Yr.no.

The Discrimination and Accessibility Act

Norway has anti-discrimination legislation that clearly specifies exactly what requirements must be met in order to classify a website as accessible. The European Union, however, is catching up and has implemented a directive which stipulates that the public sector in Sweden must have an accessible prescence on the Web. 

Funka is grateful for the confidence and is looking forward to a mutually beneficial cooperation.

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