Accessibility requirements and deadlines in 2020

In January 2020, monitoring of the Web Accessibility Directive begins in the EU Member States. We get a lot of questions about the deadlines that apply to the different interfaces and therefore we have summarized what you have to keep in mind if you are responsible for websites in public sector. Probably your most important to do-list of the year:

  • On September 23 this year ALL websites must comply with the directive. No matter when they were published.
  • Content for closed groups (ie intranets and extranets) published after September 23, 2019 must comply with the requirements after September 23 this year.
  • Content for closed groups (intranets and extranets) published before September 23, 2019 must comply with the requirements after having undergone a substantial revision.
  • Pre-recorded audio and video published after September 23 this year must comply with the requirements directly.
  • For interfaces covered by the directive, you must publish an accessibility statement.
  • You must offer users a way to provide feedback and request alternative formats as well as a link to the enforcement procedure

We are happy to help you with any issues related to accessibility and how to meet the requirements of the Web Accessibility Directive.