Are you ready for September 23? Funka is here to help!

All organizations covered by the Web Accessibility Directive must declare their status of accessibility. This means that you as a webmaster in the public sector must know how well your organization's interface meets the requirements and publish a so-called accessibility statement.

To facilitate your work, we have developed three different sizes of analysis products:


The small analysis is suitable if you want to check the quality of a supplier's work or get an indication of how accessible your current website is.


The medium-sized analysis is suitable if you want to be sure to comply with the regulations, get an independent control of how accessible your interface is and get a basis for your accessibility statement.


The large analysis suits is suitable if you want to comply with the legislation, but also ensure that all people, regardless of ability, can understand information and perform services. In that case, this audit is the obvious choice. You get a very powerful tool for further development and work with your interface.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to know more!