Funka supports the spread of innovative digital health and care solutions across Europe

A greater focus should be given to older people, their specific needs and the challenges that they face. Funka is actively participating in a number of research and innovation projects focusing on active and healthy ageing, supporting cities, regions and other partners to share and adopt innovative solutions to help respond to this challenge, where accessibility plays a key role.

Funka is currently supporting the European Commission in the launch of a twinning programme to promote the scaling up of innovative digital health and care solutions across Europe. Twinning programmes aim to reduce the risks related to investing in innovative digital ICT solutions by financing the exchange of knowledge, good practice and innovative digital health solutions that have a high potential for replicability and scaling up. A twinning involves two types of organisations:

  • The organisation transferring the innovative practice: the organisation with the experience and know-how developed in a particular intervention.
  • The organisation adopting the innovative practice: the organisation that will receive the innovative practice and deploy / implement it on its territory.

Twinnings may also include SMEs or a startups operating at national/regional level which have already developed innovative digitally-driven health and care solutions and have the ambitions to scale-up them in a cross-border context.

The twinning programme provides a great opportunity for partners from across Europe to receive direct funding to collaborate and exchange good practices, says Jon Switters, EU Project Manager at Funka working on the launch of the programme. With these activities, we can really make a difference in people’s lives.

This initiative will provide almost 500,000 EURO to fund up to 35 twinnings, covering some 30 different types digital health solutions. There are different variations of twinnings available ranging from knowledge exchange (5,000 EUR) to partial and full solution adoption (43,000 EUR). Applications for the twinning programme can be submitted online until the 4th of May 2020. A series of webinars are also planned to help guide potential candidates through the application process.

About the Twinning Programme
The Twinning Progamme is being carried out as part of the WE4AHA and DigitalHealthEurope projects funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework programme. Funka is coordinating the WE4AHA project and is a partner of DigitalHealthEurope.

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