Funkas Christmas gifts: great deals if you have money left in this year's budget!

Most of the questions we get these days have to do with the Web Accessibility Directive. Therefore, we chose to focus on Christmas gifts that we know many of our customers are particularly interested in. If you order before Christmas, Santa Claus will offer discounts.

Accessibility in documents

Almost all our customers are concerned about how they can fulfill the directive's requirements for accessibility in documents. Don't despair, we have everything you need. Until Christmas, we offer a 10% discount on all our services around PDF-documents.

We offer:

  • Training (online, tailor-made or training videos that you have access to for a whole year)
  • Audit of documents and / or templates
  • Accessibility remediation of PDF-documents
  • Manuals and guidelines for those who create PDF-documents

Funka's services around PDF-documents

Support and assistance in complying with the directive

We get asked about everything from how accessibility can be ensured in social media, when videos should have audio description, support on how to write the accessibility statement to questions about alternative formats. The neat thing about Funka's manuals on accessibility is that they are delivered as a digital subscripton service that we keep updated. This way, you can be sure to always have relevant information at hand. Order before Christmas and get the first year's subscription free of charge.

We offer:

Funkas Editor's Manual

- a must for anyone who wants to publish in an accessible way. Your entire organization has access to the manual, which can be used both for in-house training and as support in daily work. The manual is updated regularly so you are sure to have access to up-to-date information.

Funkas Handbook for accessibility

- a complete handbook with everything you in charge of a website's accessibility needs to know. You receive support for procurement, requirements and tests as well as an extensive review of processes and procedures that need to be in place for you to succeed. The manual is constantly updated so you are sure to have access to up-to-date information.

Online Training - whenever you want!

With Funka's training videos, the entire organization can stay up to date on the latest in accessibility, without having to set aside the same time and attend training together. All employees have access to the educational videos and can repeat as often as they need. The training videos are constantly updated and sold as a subscription service.

Funkas Requirements subscription service

Perhaps the most important tool to ensure that your interfaces meet the requirements of the directive are clear requirements that you can use in procurement, during development, while designing, and during maintanence. We have processed all EN301549-requirements so that they are understandable and possible to answer with yes or no. Thus, both you and your supplier can understand what they mean. Life becomes much easier right away.

Sign up for your subscription before the Christmas and we offer an oral review of the requirements via Skype or physical meeting. Value: 1,500 EURO.

Merry and accessible Christmas wishes everyone at Funka!