Networking and collaboration - a great way to succeed with accessibility

It can be a bit lonely to have responsibility for accessibility. Many of our clients have one person who does everything it takes to make information and services work for everyone. But it becomes so much easier if the whole organization, different roles at different levels - including management – is helping out.

That is why we build and operate networks that can learn from each other and share their experiences. An excellent example of this is the Funkas Network of Local Governments, which we have operated ever since 2008. Around 50 Swedish municipalities meet regularly and collaborate on municipal information and accessibility.

Because many are part of the financing, the network becomes an effective way of managing municipal issues around communication. Each municipality pays only a fraction of the total cost of the actual work done. But the participants are not only sharing the costs, they also share experiences.

The network works with a large number of questions and municipalities of all sizes

Over the years, we have focused on everything from information structure to understandable contet, intranet and services. It is the members of the network who decide what the network should work with and all participants get access to the material being developed.

The municipal network is growing steadily with new members and this spring we can welcome Karlstad, Katrineholm, Bollebygd, Danderyd and Hammarö municipalities as new members of the municipal network.

Lisbeth Malmström from Karlstad is looking forward to taking advantage of the network's benefits.

We look forward to participating in the network and sharing experiences with other municipalities. After all, we have the same mission, but find different ways to tackle it. It is always valuable to hear how other municipalities think about the web and what you do at Funka. Both our external web and our intranet are largely based on the information structure developed by Funka and the network.

The network has regular face to face meetings every second month, but during the spring all activities have been moved online. Most of the sessions and discussions are just as lively, but we all look forward to meeting in person again as soon as it is safe. The sharing of experiences is always easier during the Swedish “fika”.