Time to fix your PDF documents

September 23, the dates when websites and documents have to comply with the Web Accessibility Directive, is approaching. Still, the world is full of inaccessible PDFs. We offer you to make sure your existing documents can be used by everyone, while you focus on making new documents comply.

It is rarely fun to tidy up among documents, especially not if there are large quantities of them. We are convinced that it is better that you as an web author learn to create accessible PDF documents from the beginning, so that the documents of the future work for everyone. But there are still tens of thousands of documents that do not work for people with disabilities out there. Those published after September 23, 2018 need to comply with the Web Accessibility Directive. It may feel overwhelming, but don't give up!

Funka can help you with everything around PDF documents:

  • We can ensure that existing documents become accessible - send them to us and we will correct them.
  • We can audit the documents and report any deficiencies - so you can require your suppliers to fix the problems, whether they are designed brochures or internal systems that generate inaccessible documents.
  • We can train the staff who creates PDF documents so that they do it the right way from the start.
  • We can also offer a PDF Manual for those who would rather read and learn themselves.

No matter of your needs, Funka can make sure your PDF documents meet the requirements of the Web Accessibility Directive. Please contact us for any questions or a quotation.