Young entrepreneurs develop new wheelchair ramp

Despite legislation and good intentions, the entire society is not universally designed. Therefore, people in a wheelchair may need to bring their own ramp. The feeling of being able to solve a problem on your own is significantly better than being stopped by the lack of accessibility of the surroundings.

There are different types of mobile ramps on the market, but the idea that Marcus Dysjaland and his comrades got was based on being able to carry the ramp in a bag. In addition, the goal is for the wheelchair user to be able to handle it on their own. We haven’t seen a portable ramp this smooth, so it sounds like an innovation.

The ramp is divided in 6 equal parts. The maximum length is 1.5 meters, but folded only 40 x 50 cm, so it does not require much space.

It has anti-slip stitching that provides security and prevents the wheelchair from slipping. The goal is for the ramp to manage the weight of an adult in a wheelchair.

If you think Backrack UB is a good initiative, you are welcome to provide support to the young people through the Norwegian crowd funding where you can sponsor the initiative (in Norwegian), opens in a new window


Saja Andersson

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