If you are going to visit Funka's office, you can find our address information here. Funka has an office at No18 Centralen, Centralplan 15 in Stockholm.

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Find Funka's office

Funka has an office at No18 Centralen, Centralen 15 in Stockholm.

The office is located in the station building where you have most types of traffic at a convenient distance. From the center there are long-distance and regional trains, commuter trains, subways, buses, long-distance buses, airport buses, Arlanda Express and taxi.

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There are a number of parking spaces for people with reduced mobility in the neighborhood around the streets around Stockholm Central.

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Our office

In central Stockholm, it is crowded and messy. Accessibility to the property is not perfect, but we have a habit of solving problems. Please contact us before you come to visit and we will arrange with parking, guidance from the subway or other help you may need.