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Due to the outbreak and spread of the viral disease COVID-19, non-core events involving outside visitors or attendees to Parliament’s premises have been cancelled for the next three weeks or until further notice. As soon as we have a new date, it will be published here.

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The conference is hosted by Ádám Kósa, MEP, with Roberto Rabbachin, European Commssion, DG Connect. The event is co-organised by Funka and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Moderator: Catherine Naughton, European Disability Forum.

About the program

One of the future policy priorities for the Union is a Fair Europe, which centers on social inclusion, health, rule of law and fundamental rights. Accessibility is a core component of social inclusion to secure full democratic participation of all people living in Europe.

The European Parliament (EP) is very committed to initiating legislations to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. Within the past few years, three directives and an act were adopted: the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the Procurement Directive, the Web Accessibility Directive and the European Accessibility Act.

However, both public and private actors need tools, technology and knowledge to be able to fully comply with the legislation and meet established deadlines. The European Commission invested over 20 million euros to accessibility projects in the period 2014-2020 - some of them initiated by the European Parliament as pilot projects supporting the legislative work.

This interactive workshop organized by two of Europe’s thought leaders in web- and media accessibility with the support of Ádám Kósa, MEP, aims to showcase some concrete results from these projects. During the workshop existing solutions will be shown towards triggering a debate about future needs and trends in order to create a “Fair Europe” for all. Showing by example how to implement multilanguage technologies across the EP could be an effective tool for a faster implementation across other Member States’ national parliaments and public spaces.

The workshop will show the available accessible multilanguage technology in real time.

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