General Terms

Rules and conditions that apply to Funka's webinar.

Payment Terms

30 days. All prices exclude tax. Invoicing is done at time of order.

If payment is received after the due date, interest will be paid according to law.

Cancellation Terms and Transfer of Participants

Registration is binding. You can transfer your registration to a colleague, as long as you notify us in writing.

Information on Handling of Personal Data

The personal information you provide us during registration is used only in our communication with you.

In accordance with the EU’s data protection regulation GDPR, you have rights we must fulfill when handling your personal data. You have the right to contact us if you want to receive the information we have about you, to make changes, or ask that we delete your information. This can be done easily by reaching us at

Photographs and Video

Educational sessions that are done locally are documented with photos and, occasionally, with video. These are used for our internal documentation and education, and marketing. As a participant you approve that we take photos and video during the session and that we use the photos and video for these purposes.


We reserve the right to make small changes in the program.