Funka works within all areas of accessibility. For 10 years, we have held a pole position in Sweden when it comes to accessible information. But we also work with maps, warning signs, regular papers, communication processes, buildings and any interface requiring accessibility features. In fact, we are famous to state that we can make anything accessible.

The target audience for accessibility is not just people with disabilities. Accessibility concerns everyone. If accessibility is good it goes unnoticed. If it is bad some of us will be entirely excluded from the information, some will have serious problems reading and understanding it and the rest will be rather annoyed.

Ageing population, everyone with different native tongues and the large number of Internet users who are not considered average conform a huge number of people who benefit from accessibility and it keeps growing. Accessibility provokes a better experience for all people when using any kind of product or service, in fact having in mind people with disabilities when designing results into better quality that benefits all users.