At Funka we are often asked difficult questions. It is something we absolutely love! Often we know the answer straight away, because we have run in to the problem before and tested the solutions in real life. Sometimes it starts a process where we, together with our large network of testers, look for a solution. Sometimes we have to go even further and start a project and really get to the bottom of the concerns, to be able to come up with a verified answer.

Funka’s experts have on behalf of W3C conducted the authorised translation on WCAG 2.0 into Swedish. Our specialists are active in standardisation and guidelines at both national and international level. We have for instance been a part of the development of the new European standard for requirements on accessibility in public procurement, EN301549. Funka is also assigned by the EC to develop the methodology that could be used in all EU member states if and when the directive on web accessibility would be deployed. These are long-term commitments that sometimes feel pretty far from the everyday needs of our clients.  

Our clients are generally looking for straight and simple answers. We cannot always provide them, because accessibility is not black or white. But in most cases we can say how things should be in order to work for as many as possible. And if we do not know, we will find out through our research projects. Do not hesitate to ask!