Don’t forget your PDF-documents!

Many websites are heaped with PDF-documents. Sometimes, the format is used correctly and accessibly. Unfortunately, it is more often so that accessibility is forgotten.

Often, accessibility-problems in PDFs occur when the original document is a physical one, in which there is information someone finds interesting enough to put on the website. Instead of reworking the document and publish it as a regular page on the website, it is apparently easier to put it in a scanner and hit the button – with a result that is completely inaccessible.

PDF is- when correctly used and made properly – a good, accessible format. But looking around the web, it is easy to understand why some user groups deem PDF inaccessible by default. There are simply so few good examples outhere.

Responsibility and knowledge

As the person responsible for the website or it’s content, you would be expected to have an idea about how PDF-documents are handled on the website. Can you answer the following questions?

  • Who publishes PDF-documents?
  • In what situations are PDF-documents used, rather than html?
  • Do the people who publish PDF-documents have the necessary knowledge to be able to make them accessible?
  • Are your PDF-documents accessible?

Still, most of our clients have rather or very good websites and quite poor or sometimes horrible PDF-documents, from an accessibility point of view. If you can’t remember your new years promise, make a new one: have a look at the accessibility of your PDF-documents and make sure to make them better!

Funka’s accessibility tips

  • Sign language, caption and audio description

    We have written a small manual on sign language, captions and audio description. What does the Web Accessibility Directive require and when? What target groups benefit from these features? Are there any exceptions? We hope to answer some of your questions.
  • Don’t forget your PDF-documents!

    Funka’s Accessibility Expert and Head of Analysis at Funka, Andreas Cederbom on testing and using PDF documents in a good way on the web.
  • Let the visitor use pictures!

    Funka’s tips for improved accessibility is a source of inspiration. We invite end users, clients and experts to be innovative and share knowledge. This time the tip has to do with images.