Return on inclusion

Accessibility on the internet contains benefits for customers and users alike. We have gathered a few arguments regarding technical accessibility to complete the obvious – that more can use an accessible website.

  • Websites developed according to standard are cheaper both to develop and to maintain.

  • Increased accessibility equals faster websites. Due to separation of content and design the pages of the website can decrease in size with between 40 and 70 %. This grants you visitors less data to download.

  • Websites built according to standard makes it easier to make significant changes to entire websites simultaneously. As style sheets are saved in separate documents you can instantly change the structure, typography and colors of the entire website just by applying a new style sheet.

  • By developing in accordance to standard thus separating content from design makes it easier to adapt to different channels of publication (i.e smart phones and touch screens) or print.

  • When constructing according to standard you further free yourself from developers. It is far easier to take over projects built according to standard.

  • By building according to standard you future- proof your website. In the pace that new and old browsers are being developed and get less and less forgiving sites that are not built according to standard are at risk of being displayed in a matter that wasn’t intended.

  • The benefit for the end user lies in the fact that sites that are logically structured, built according to standard are easier to use for everyone. Users get a more positive image of the company/government or municipality if you are able to find what you are looking for with ease.

  • By making the website easier to use more users can make payments, purchases and information queries online. This means less strain on customer services over the phone and saved costs due to decreased physical send outs such as brochures and advertising.

  • An accessible intranet or backoffice at an e-purchase site means more effective administration and easier administration of incoming orders.

  • To work with accessibility is of great goodwill value and can be used in both PR and marketing.