Only months until your website needs to be accessible!

For public sector bodies in EU, all new websites should be accessible since 23 September last year. September 23 this year, the requirements also apply to older websites. In addition, the Web Accessibility Directive covers to documents, extranets and intranets. Only apps have a little more time to become accessible, they don’t have to meet the requirements until June 23, 2021.

This means that you only have a short period of time to fix almost everything. Do you even know where to start?

In order to fulfil the requirements of the directive, you need to know how accessible your interfaces are, as it must be declared in an accessibility statement. If you don't already know the status, you need to do some sort of audit or test. In addition, you must have a process for managing user feedback and distributing alternative formats.

We are happy to help you with all of that, but every month until September 23, we will also provide you with a useful and practical tip - for free. Instead of being stressed about how little time is left, you can focus on stepwise building your knowledge. Or share it with others!