Accessibility in gaming

Are you working within games or any employment type within this sector? Then you should be aware of the opportunities that lie within making your games more accessible to reach a wider range of players and enhance the gaming experience for both current and new players.

Who's it for?

For anyone who knows almost nothing about accessibility. No prior knowledge is required. Everyone is welcome.

About the training

Funka’s Accessibility in Gaming course includes a good foundation to get started working with accessibility. We demonstrate clear examples of good and bad accessibility, review statistics, tell about political decisions and explain terms and concepts.

You will receive the ability to learn what digital accessibility is, who it affects, and gain an understanding of how to create games that aid various assistive tools.

After completing this course, you and your associates will have a firm grasp of why it is so important to start working with accessibility.


  • Statistics within gaming.

  • About our four abilities hearing, vision, cognition and mobility - and how they connect to gaming.

  • Good and bad examples of implementation that will either improve or harm the experience for people.

Course duration: 18 minutes and 24 seconds.

  • Today

    On-demand: Accessibility in gaming

    The training is available whenever and wherever you want, divided into short chapters. You decide your own pace of study and have unlimited personal access for 6 months from your order.

    Price: 240 EUR

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  • Adapted education

    Contact us and we will book a date for your particular company

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