Universal Design

Do you want to learn more about Universal Design? In that case this is the course for you! We will give you a solid background to Universal Design and its concepts. We will explain the seven principles and the Design for all standard, while showing you real life examples.

Who's it for?

For anyone who knows almost nothing about accessibility. No prior knowledge required. Everyone is welcome.

About the training

Universal Design is about developing things with the needs of all possible users in mind from the very beginning, without the need for adaptation or specialised design.

In this course you will not only learn about the history of Universal Design, but also about the seven principles, which it is built up around. We will also go through how to achieve Universal Design in practice. There are different guidelines out there but in Europe, the most important one is the Design for all standard.

After completing this training you and your associates will have a firm grasp on what Universal Design is and why it is so important to start working with.


  • The history of Universal Design.

  • What Universal Design is and who it benefits.

  • What the seven principles of Universal Design stand for.

  • How to apply Universal Design to ICT development

  • Course duration: 21 minutes and 5 seconds.
  • Today

    On-demand: Universal Design

    The training is available whenever and wherever you want, divided into short chapters. You decide your own pace of study and have unlimited personal access for 6 months from your order.

    Price: 240 EUR

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  • Adapted education

    Contact us and we will book a date for your particular company

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