Our assignments

Funka is a consultancy focusing in accessibility and usability. We also hold positions of trust, conduct research and innovation projects and are active in standardisation. We often cooperate with the disability organisations and many different universities, as we are firm believers in sharing knowledge and expanding our horizons.

University training in web accessibility

Funka, IAAP Nordic and four Nordic universities are investigating how web accessibility can be part of the university programs in the Nordic countries.

Innovation project on comprehensible content

Together with Botkyrka Municipality and Linnaeus University, Funka will develop a method for helping the public sector to produce information that is easier to understand. Based on experiences from previous research projects, we test different models to reach persons with a mother tongue other than the official national one, with funding from Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency.

CMS that generate accessibility

Imagine if the tools used to create websites and intranets would have built-in accessibility from the beginning, how much easier life would be! Soon, it can be a reality. Funka has received funding from the European Commission for a project that will contribute to increased accessibility in content management systems.

Virtual Reality for increased knowledge

Hidden disabilities are often more difficult to understand and handle for the outside world, than physical impairments. Funka has received funding from Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency, to work on Virtual Reality experiences based on real stories from people with different disabilities. The aim is to develop training material that can contribute to an inclusive working life.

Cognitive accessibility of digital interfaces

In a new research project, Funka will develop testable requirements to ensure that digital interfaces are accessible from a cognitive perspective. Today's standards and regulations focus on technical solutions for physical impairments, but many users have completely different types of needs.

Funka to investigate democracy tools

To strengthen democracy, many municipalities are starrting to use digital tools for citizen dialogue. In order for everyone to participate on the same terms, the tools must of course be inclusive. Funka has been assigned to investigate how tools for citizen dialogue work for persons with disabilities.

Funka to investigate democracy tools

To strengthen democracy, many municipalities are starrting to use digital tools for citizen dialogue. In order for everyone to participate on the same terms, the tools must of course be inclusive. Funka has been assigned to investigate how tools for citizen dialogue work for persons with disabilities.

Simulations of neurodiversity increase awareness

In a project financed by the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, Funka will create training material based on user experiences. By simulating how persons with neuropsychiatric conditions experience life, we can raise awareness among our clients and others.

Accessible language learning for immigrants

By winning the Innovation Competition run by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, the tech startup Lingio, with help from Funka, will be able to make its language app accessible to persons with disabilities.

Accessible Recruitment

Recruitment processes often use personality tests, but the tests are rarely accessible. WeCompose and Funka have won the Innovation Competition of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority with a project that aims to change this situation.

Accessible websites for leading pensions company

When KPA Pension, Sweden’s leading pensions company in the local authority sector, needed to review the accessibility of their websites, Funka was a natural partner for expert reviews.

Funka develops self-declaration tool

Funka will develop a self-declaration tool for the Norwegian monitoring agency Difi. In Norway, the legal requirements for accessibility also apply to self service terminals. The tool will facilitate the work of supervising the requirements.

Accessible PDF files with help from Funka

In the production of their annual report, the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media turned to Funka to convert the comprehensive document into PDF format.

A win-win situation with Funkas empathy exercises

As part of its competence development program Win-Win, Linköping municipality in Sweden has hired Funka to carry out empathy exercises. Through the exercises, the participants get to experience what it can be like to deal with disabilities in an urban environment, which becomes an eye-opener for many.

Develops its website through user tests

The City of Stockholm is in the midst of an extensive development of the website stockholm.se. In this work, they have assigned Funka for user tests to give the inhabitants of Stockholm the best possible conditions to find what they are looking for and have a smooth user experience along the way.

Enterprise website prepares to meet the criteria

To prepare for the forthcoming Web Accessibility Directive, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has assigned Funka to audit the web site verksamt.se. The goal is for verksamt.se to meet the criteria for WCAG 2.0 at AA level.

Making our musical heritage accessible

Funka has helped the concert hall Konserthuset Stockholm to make its historic archive accessible for all. Through digital solutions, culture can reach a wider audience.

Assignment on certification possibilities

On behalf of the National Disability Authority in Ireland, Funka will investigate possibilities for certification in universal design for Irish IT professionals.

Research on personalized accessibility

A system that adapts to the user instead of the other way around, it sounds almost too good to be true, right? We are starting a research project aimed at developing and testing somthing that could become a ”cognitive screen reader”.

Audit is of great importance

Before the Web Accessibility Directive enters into force in September, more and more governments, municipalities and state-owned companies are letting Funka review how well their digital interfaces meet the requirements. Västervik municipality explains how Funka's audit helps them in their accessibility process.

The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired

The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired has once again chosen Funka as a supplier for long-term stability in terms of the accessibility of its digital development work.

Gyldendal aims high with accessibility

The Norwegian publishing house Gyldendal wants to be at the forefront of the expected increase in legal requirements for accessibility in the education sector in Norway. Therefore, they have used Funka for accessibility training of their employees and for expert review of a web platform.

Funka's network of municipalities

One of the most rewarding things we do at Funka is to work with municipalities in our network. Let’s hear what the participants have to say about it.

New website for SLFF under development

Funka is developing a new website for the Swedish Association of Educational Writers. The assignment has entered an eventful phase, with acceptance testing of the website and training for the client. Finally, they get access to a web environment with specific page templates and can begin to fill the website with content.

Disability rights lawyers got training in Trier

Accessibility in public procurement legislation is a popular topic for Funka staff to present on in different parts of the world. At the Academy of European Law in Trier, Germany, we contributed to a two day seminar on EU Disability Law and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

An accessibility manual

The state owned company that owns and operates all airports in Sweden, Swedavia, has given Funka the task of updating and quality assurance of their Accessibility Manual. The manual covers customer treatment, allergies, access to the specific built environment of airports, security and many other aspects.

EPF chooses Funka

Funka has been assigned to develop a new website for the European Patient's Forum, EPF.

Botkyrka municipality's road to accessibility

Botkyrka municipality in Sweden actively works with accessibility. Among other things, they hired Funka for training their staff in publishing accessible content. Ann Bjellert, disabilities strategist at Botkyrka municipality, tells us about the municipality's path towards becoming more accessible.

Sodexo selects Funka

Funka has developed two websites with high demands for accessibility on behalf of Sodexo: one focusing on providing support for visually impaired people and one for aid service.

Assignment for the Finnish government

To support the Ministry of Finance in transposing the European Web Accessibility Directive into Finnish legislation, Funka has been assigned to make a comparative study of ongoing efforts.

Better digital workplaces

Almost everyone uses some kind of digital tool at work. If these are not accessible, we will never reach an inclusive society. That is why assignments focused on internal systems are so important. Right now, we are helping CERES with accessibility.

Digital educational environment

Recently, Funka won a large assignment to further develop and manage the highly accessible digital education environment for the Swedish Special Education Authority.

Award to one of Funkas clients

Congratulations to our client the Swedish Work Environment Authority for winning the award for best website in the category Societal communications! Funka has provided concept and design work as well as performed a battery of user tests.

Funka supports Youths with Disabilities

Helping end user organisations with accessibility is usually a win-win. The assignment for The Norwegian Association of Youths with Disabilities will teach us more about the members' specific needs at the same time as we provide support when it comes to web accessibility.

A holistic approach to universal design

One of our most ambitious clients is Norwegian ULOBA. They strive towards creating the most universally designed digital work environment in Norway. Funka has been working closely with ULOBA during many years.

The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection

The Norwegian authority responsible for crisis information, the Directorate for Civil Protection, has tasked Funka with performing accessibility audits of two important websites. The goal is that all citizens, regardless of ability, will be able to access the information.

Online course in accessible writing

More and more customers choose our online trainings. Naturally some courses are more suitable for the web than others, but now we have even done a distance writing course with great results!

When standardisation needs to move fast

Funka's Susanna Laurin is contributing to the development of the updated EN301549 standard to make the Web Accessibility Directive operational this time next year.

The Accessibility Directive Expert Group

In order to give the EU Commission support during the transitional period when Member States are to harmonize their national legislation on web accessibility to comply with new EU regulations, an expert group has been appointed. Funka's Susanna Laurin is one of the experts chosen for the assignment.

Research project to interpret WCAG

Funka, together with German DIAS and French BrailleNet, will compare and discuss how to interpret WCAG. The goal is to achieve consensus among accessibility experts.

Digital health literacy in Europe

Funka has joined a new EU project aimed at testing a new model of digital health literacy. The aim is to develop training to enhance EU citizens’ skills on online health information.

Working with dyslexia

The Swedish Association of persons with Dyslexia is leading a project to examine how persons with dyslexia handle their work situation where Funka is participating with accessibility knowledge.

Manual for consultative assemblies

Funka has received funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation to develop a manual for persons who are active in local and regional consultative assemblies for persons with disabilities in Norway.

Cognitive accessibility research

The important project on cognitive accessibility Funka has participated in is coming to an end. But instead of closing down, the participants have formed a new association, to continue influencing society in a direction towards cognitive accessibility.

Accessibility and tourism

Another project for Funka in Turkey: this time we are going to to develop instructional videos about accessibility and disabilities for the The Turkish Union of Tourist Guides’ Chambers.

EU-project on women with disabilities

Funka is partner of a recently approved EU funded project addressing barriers hampering women with disabilities to fully engage themselves in cultural and socio-economic environments.

Research project: WeGovNow

Together with Empirica as project leaders and other partners, Funka participates in a EU-funded research project aiming to develop a new, interactive platform for e-participation.

Funka dispels the myths!

With funding from the Jimmy Dahlsten foundation, Funka is privileged to run a project to inspire creative solutions in order to reach higher accessibility.

Research on navigation

The AAL-funded NavMem project has ended successfully. Funka has participated in the final phases and contributed to business modelling and accessibility requirements.

Project on learning platform

With support from the innovation programme Eurostars, Funka will support Claned Group and Laurea University in Finland to further develop the digital learning platform CLANED and to improve the accessibility of the solution.