Our assignments

Funka is a consultancy focusing in accessibility and usability. We also hold positions of trust, conduct research and innovation projects and are active in standardisation. We often cooperate with the disability organisations and many different universities, as we are firm believers in sharing knowledge and expanding our horizons.

Research on personalized accessibility

A system that adapts to the user instead of the other way around, it sounds almost too good to be true, right? We are starting a research project aimed at developing and testing somthing that could become a ”cognitive screen reader”.

When standardisation needs to move fast

Funka's Susanna Laurin is contributing to the development of the updated EN 301 549 standard to make the Web Accessibility Directive operational this time next year.

The Accessibility Directive Expert Group

In order to give the EU Commission support during the transitional period when Member States are to harmonize their national legislation on web accessibility to comply with new EU regulations, an expert group has been appointed. Funka's Susanna Laurin is one of the experts chosen for the assignment.

Research project to interpret WCAG

Funka, together with German DIAS and French BrailleNet, will compare and discuss how to interpret WCAG. The goal is to achieve consensus among accessibility experts.

Digital health literacy in Europe

Funka has joined a new EU project aimed at testing a new model of digital health literacy. The aim is to develop training to enhance EU citizens’ skills on online health information.

Working with dyslexia

The Swedish Association of persons with Dyslexia is leading a project to examine how persons with dyslexia handle their work situation where Funka is participating with accessibility knowledge.

Manual for consultative assemblies

Funka has received funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation to develop a manual for persons who are active in local and regional consultative assemblies for persons with disabilities in Norway.

Cognitive accessibility research

The important project on cognitive accessibility Funka has participated in is coming to an end. But instead of closing down, the participants have formed a new association, to continue influencing society in a direction towards cognitive accessibility.

Accessibility and tourism

Another project for Funka in Turkey: this time we are going to to develop instructional videos about accessibility and disabilities for the The Turkish Union of Tourist Guides’ Chambers.

EU-project on women with disabilities

Funka is partner of a recently approved EU funded project addressing barriers hampering women with disabilities to fully engage themselves in cultural and socio-economic environments.

Research project: WeGovNow

Together with Empirica as project leaders and other partners, Funka participates in a EU-funded research project aiming to develop a new, interactive platform for e-participation.

Funka dispels the myths!

With funding from the Jimmy Dahlsten foundation, Funka is privileged to run a project to inspire creative solutions in order to reach higher accessibility.

Research on navigation

The AAL-funded NavMem project has ended successfully. Funka has participated in the final phases and contributed to business modelling and accessibility requirements.

Project on learning platform

With support from the innovation programme Eurostars, Funka will support Claned Group and Laurea University in Finland to further develop the digital learning platform CLANED and to improve the accessibility of the solution.