Our assignments

Funka is a consultancy focusing in accessibility and usability. We also hold positions of trust, conduct research and innovation projects and are active in standardisation. We often cooperate with the disability organisations and many different universities, as we are firm believers in sharing knowledge and expanding our horizons.

Involving users

When people with disabilities contributes to finding new solutions, set requirements and do testing, the end result is better for everyone. In a new research project, Funka will try to contribute to better user involvement.

Regional library chooses Funka

Libraries are just one of all the important community services that must meet accessibility requirements under the European Web Accessibility Directive. The regional library of Värmland has chosen to involve expertise on accessibility to ensure that the site works for everyone.

Built-in accessibility offers support to web authors

By providing authoring tools with built-in accessibility, non-experts can publish in an accessible way. Funka has received funding to develop better templates with built-in accessibility for EpiServer.

Public broadcasting apps accessibility tested

App accessibility is getting increasing attention. For many years Funka has been working with the different digital channels of the Swedish public broadcaster SVT. Right now, we are testing how the popular apps meet accessibility requirements.

Funka influences the authoring tool market

With funding from the European Parliament, we have got the chance to build upon one of our most innovative research projects. This time we will work together with authoring tools producers to make models for accessibility by default.

When accessibility is a matter of course

Many of our clients focus on the requirements of the law, but not all of them. For the Swedish Association of Teaching Material Authors, it is self-evident that information must work for everyone, even if the organisation is not covered by the law. Funka is re-developing the organisation’s website focusing on accessibility.

Accessibility training for tourism professionals

For everyone, no matter of abilities, to be able to travel and experience things on equal terms, the tourism industry must enhance the accessibility. We are creating a training for managers and frontline staff, funded by the European Commisson.

Recurring audits are a sign of quality

Returning customers is always nice. But even better is when they, like the municipality of Trondheim in Norway, choose to gradually improve their interfaces and then ensure that they succeed by allowing us to test against the requirements.

Funka in a large EU-funded project on smart health

Accessibility, user-centered design and standardization are important components that Funka contributes to in the Gatekeeper project. The goal is a healthy and independent life for the elderly with the help of new technology.

Inclusive training can overbridge the digital divide

Together with pan-European service providers, universities and networks, Funka will develop training material and manuals to enhance the digital literacy among persons with disabilities and elderly. The research project is funded by the European Commission.

From education to inclusion

In a new EU funded project involving Slovak and Czech partners, Funka will contribute to increased accessibility for visually impaired.

A natural part of training for web professionals

In a new and exciting EU-funded research project, Funka is collaborating with leading European universities to ensure the next generation of professionals within web and IT gets to learn web accessibility from the start.

ICT-companies are trained in UX and accessibility

Daresay is one of many suppliers who have chosen Funka to deepen their knowledge of accessibility. With practical exercises and good examples, training activites can be tailored to the customer's demands.

New youth organisation choses Funka

Together with children and young people with language disorders, we develop a new website with high requirements on accessibility. The Swedish Heritage Foundation finances the development of the new organisation including the website.

Empathy exercises for the traffic office

Trying out how accessibility works in practice is an effective way of increasing knowledge and awareness. By regularly returning to inclusion issues, the city of Stockholm is building for the future.

The Norwegian Tourist Association chooses Funka

The Norwegian Tourist Association has hired Funka to conduct an audit of how well the website ut.no meets Norway's requirements for accessibility.

Funka in cooperation with day care centers

A close cooperation with users with different abilities and needs is key to our work. Long-term collaboration with day care centers means a fantastic possibility to learn even more

Swedish monitoring agency chooses Funka

On behalf of the Swedish Agency for Digital Government, which will monitor how the public sector complies with the Web Accessibility Directive, Funka is investigating automatic tools for testing accessibility.

Active involvement: putting the UNCRPD into practice

Do persons with disabilities have a say in political decisions that affect them? In a new report, Funka looks at how local authorities in Sweden try to make “nothing about us without us” more than a slogan.

Accessible teaching material

Through training in accessibility, the Norwegian NDLA hopes to be able to take the first steps towards teaching materials that work for everyone. Funka contributes with competence and good examples.

University training in web accessibility

Funka, IAAP Nordic and four Nordic universities are investigating how web accessibility can be part of the university programs in the Nordic countries.

Simulations of neurodiversity increase awareness

In a project financed by the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, Funka will create training material based on user experiences. By simulating how persons with neuropsychiatric conditions experience life, we can raise awareness among our clients and others.

Accessible PDF files with help from Funka

In the production of their annual report, the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media turned to Funka to convert the comprehensive document into PDF format.

EU-project on women with disabilities

Funka is partner of a recently approved EU funded project addressing barriers hampering women with disabilities to fully engage themselves in cultural and socio-economic environments.