International network

Funka has offices in Sweden, Norway, and Spain and customers all over the world, for example in Belgium, Estonia, Great Britain, India, Iraq, Ireland, El Salvador and Thailand. With our long experience working in different regions, we know how to adapt our services to specific national laws, regulations and culture.

Funka is one of the founders of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. We have developed a stable network of scientific partners to cooperate with in new research and innovation initiatives and we work closely with end-user organisations in many countries and at European level.

Reaching out and sharing knowledge

Funka is organising the Funka Accessibility Days in Stockholm once a year since 2009. The conference is an international conference with more than 300 participants, representing public authorities, ICT industry, non-profit organisations and universities.

We also send out a digital newsletter to over 17.000 active subscribers among key stakeholders in many countries. Our experts are often invited to present at seminars and events around the world.

At strategic level, the Funka specialists are members of several Expert groups and Advisory boards at international level, such as: W3C, 3GICT, AIA, EDF, GPII, etc. At national level, we are one of 16 members of the Swedish Governments User Forum. In Norway, we are writing the guidelines published by the authorities to help web developers comply with the anti-discrimination law.

At standardization level, Funka is an active member of national standardisation bodies in Sweden, Norway and Spain. Moreover, we are participating as member of the Joint Working Group and CEN CENELEC Project Team leader for the Mandate 376 on accessibility of ICT products and services in the field of public procurement.

If you need to carry out any ICT initiative with an international dimension, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to share our experience and contacts with you.