Accessibility requirements for public procurement: EN301549

The three European standardisation organisations ETSI, CEN and CENELEC has on behalf of the EC developed a common European standard for accessibility requirements for procurement in IT. The standard will be incorporated into Member States' procurement legislation at the latest in 2016.

Funka’s Susanna Laurin participated as a technical expert in the SIS TK 504 and thus represented Sweden in the work with EN301549. In addition, Funka’s José Martínez Usero worked as a project manager of the selected team of experts who worked with the toolkit for procurers included in the mandate from the EC.

EN301549, the European standard for accessibility requirements for public procurement of IT products and services in Europe, was published in February 2014. The standard is both comprehensive and quite complex. To provide support to purchasers, a web-based toolkit has therefore been developed. It was recently launched, but only in English.

During 2015, the work continues in the Swedish technical committee TK504 to develop training material and assist with the translation into Swedish.

The standard EN301549, opens in new window

The toolkit for EN301549, opens in new window

The Swedish business magazine Offentliga Affärer interviews Funka CEO Susanna Laurin on the new European standard on requirements in accessibility in public procurement (in Swedish), opens in new window

Project update

  • Captions for videos on EN301549 now in French and German

    The videos about EN301549, which Funka made on behalf of Microsoft, have had a huge impact and used in many countries. The videos are now published also with French and German captions.
  • How are standards used in public procurement?

    Funded by Microsoft, Funka now investigates the extent to which accessibility standards are used in public procurement and purchasing.
  • When standardisation needs to move fast

    Funka's Susanna Laurin is contributing to the development of the updated EN301549 standard to make the Web Accessibility Directive operational this time next year.
  • Funka's video captions are translated into ten languages

    Funka has produced videos in English about the European Standard on accessibility in ICT procurement. The videos go through each chapter and describe how the standard can be used. Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese captions have been in place since the spring. In September, we will also launch captions in Norwegian and Finnish, followed by French and Italian.
  • Translated captions of the EN-standard videos

    To reach as many procurers and suppliers as possible with the European standard for accessibility requirements of ICT products and services, we are now translating the captioning of the instruction videos that we have produced on behalf of Microsoft.
  • Video-marathon published

    It ended up being no less than thirteen videos, our assignment to explain the EN301549 in a more understandable way. Now we just hope that you see them and use the standard!