Audit of legal requirements

On September 23, the Web Accessibility Directive enters into force. This means that the public sector and some state and municipal owned companies must, as a minimum, comply with relevant parts of EN301549 in websites, intranets, extranets, documents and apps.

In addition, these organisations must publish a statement describing the status of accessibility. This means that if you are in charge of digital interfaces in the public sector, you need to know how accessible they are.

During the summer of 2018 new requirements for accessibility were published as both WCAG and EN301549 were updated. It is the current version of the standard that forms the minimum requirements of the law, which means that you need to know the status based on these new requirements.

Pleas note that the Web Accessibility Directive also requires accessibility in documents. Many of our customers have a wealth of PDF documents that are automated or created without accessibility checking. You will need to ensure that documents published on the web and intranet meet the requirements.

Qualitative review

Our audits are conducted by at least two independent accessibility experts and supplemented by tests with different types of assistive technology. We review all success criteria of EN301549 Chapters 9, 10, 11 / WCAG 2.1 AA systematically, checking whether each criterion is a pass or fail and document carefully with clear examples, links and page references. The result is presented in a comprehensive report that provides a very clear picture of how the interface meets the rules and how to prioritize the actions.

All of our audits are reviewed by at least two independent consultants assessing the relevant criteria. Funka's experts actively participate in the development of the standards on which the law is based, which means that we have in depth knowledge of how the requirements should be interpreted and understood. Everything we recommend is tested in real life and based on our extensive research activities.

Funka's methodology is based on WCAG-EM and further developed together with disabled persons organisations. Funka has contributed to the recommendations for the qualitative measurement methodology for monitoring compliance with the Web Accessibility Directive in all EU Member States.

Support in your further work

Funka's audit against legal requirements results in a report that can be purchased with or without the solutions. Based on the report, we make a joint review with you and your supplier and ensure that the content is interpreted correctly and thus becomes a powerful tool for increased accessibility. If you need help with the implementation, we have our own development department that can deliver back end, front end, design, UX, and web content with guaranteed accessibility.

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