Pedagogic accessibility

Pedagogic accessibility is about visitors being able to understand the navigation and where within the structure he or she is. Being able to find your way on the website, get understandable error messages, being able to rewind in forms, consistency in the interface and so on.

Pedagogic accessibility is of course important for all users, but those who have difficulty understanding, lacks experience with computers, has trouble reading, clicking or seeing, these kind of obstacles become even harder to exceed, sometimes even impossible.

Funka’s pedagogic surveys have taken their form from our long experience of user tests and expert evaluations of websites and systems.

The shortages of a system are found very fast by he who has grave problems or special needs. By starting with those who have the gravest difficulties, we are able to pinpoint the worst areas and give suggestions that will make the website easier to handle and understand for all visitors.

Not only in theory

Funka’s pedagogic survey is based upon best practice and consists of expert evaluations and, when needed, user surveys.

Our test methodology, based on W3C guidelines, is the method chosen by the European Commission to measure accessibility status in the member states. Everything we recommend is tested in real life and based on our extensive research.

Funka’s surveys are presented in a report that can be ordered with or without solutions/measures. Based upon that report we do a joint review with you and your developer to ensure that the content is interpreted correctly. The aim of the review is not only thought of as a test of acceptance but also thought to grant you and your developer knowledge on how to prioritize the measures.

Do get in touch and we will come up with a solution that fits your needs.