Funka offers support at every different stage of a web project. You can hire us to set demands, give advice, control and test. You can hire Funka to guide and educate your organization and your developers. You may also hire us, before deciding/ordering, to check web content managing systems, e-systems or the latest applications you are considering to apply to your internal systems.

Many of our customers hire us to be their Support when developing. This entails that Funka’s consultants may be approached whenever support is needed throughout the entire process as well as pinpoint stakes and surveys when needed. The extent of support varies a lot and is based upon the need of the customer/developer. More information about every section is found under Surveys.

Thanks to close cooperation with professional, competent and responsive employees at Funka, we have strengthened our own usability skills and proudly display a website with world-class accessibility, says Eleonore Stureborg, operations developer at
Vinnova, Sweden's innovation agency.


Continuing support during the entire project

Funka helps to set reasonable and relevant demands on developers. This may consist of specifying a detailed set of demands for e-services, checking design sketches as regards to contrast and readability or an evaluation of the structure of new website before development begins.

The basic rule of accessibility is that the earlier it is brought into a project, the bigger the chance for success is. If you do it right at the beginning, building accessible doesn’t have to be any more expensive.

Important phases when it is important to set demands and control that they are followed come early in a project.

  • Choice of web content managing system
  • Choice of developer
  • Survey of structure sketches
  • Survey of design sketches

We also recommend user tests throughout the project and of course a test of acceptance before launching the new website.

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