Everything you need to know about accessibility

Web accessibility is a large and complex area. Standards, guidelines and legislation are to be interpreted, requirements specified and deliverables controlled. Procurers and project managers need to understand user groups and needs, and many different roles and competences need to be involved. How can we best response to all of this?

To make life easier for our customers, we have collected the most important parts in a manual for accessibility. The original document is developed for the public sector in the Scandinavian countries where we have most customers, but could be custom made to fit other sectors and regions as well.

The manual contains detailed information, hands-on advice and practical examples. There are also easy to use check lists to ensure that no important parts are forgotten.

Using the manual, you can make sure the relevant requirements are used and met in procurement. You can give clear instructions to suppliers and your web authors know exactly what to do. It is all there – just have a look in the manual!

The manual covers:

  • User abilities and needs
  • Rules and regulations
  • Procurement, requirements and compliance
  • Web, documents and alternative formats

You can buy the manual as a separate product or as a subscription with regular updates.