Funka designs websites and systems. Our consultancy services span from offering support in design matters to developing all set design concepts.

Good design is a prerequisite for a high level of accessibility. The look of a website is not just a cosmetic matter, it affects everything from credibility to readability.

A few examples on how good design, accessibility and usability interact:

  • The design should support the information structure, making the navigation intuitive and logic.
  • The design should help the user to understand functionality and concept.
  • The design should facilitate reading and orientation and clearly indicate the user’s location on the website.
  • The design should clearly show the user what is clickable and not.

The value of good design can hardly be overestimated. When the design works well we rarely think of it. But most people react strongly when the appearance changes, regardless if’s a milk bottle or a car brand.

Good design is also a requirement for great accessibility. Consistency, readability, contrast and click surfaces are just some of the parts that are affected. By letting Funka design your website, you ensure that the appearance of the interface helps your users.