Funka Accessibility Days

Funka Accessibility Days is northern Europe’s largest conference on accessible ICT. We are proud to welcome some of the world´s leading experts on web accessibility to the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. Welcome to Funka Accessibility Days 9-10 april 2019!

For the eleventh year in a row, we offer you the opportunity to learn new things, network with colleagues, meet leading specialists and test assistive technology in real life.

Program highlights:

Of course, in 2019 we have a lot of focus on legislation. But, as usual, we combine policy and strategy with solid educational advice on how you can work to fulfill the law's requirements in an efficient manner and show clear examples. You can also listen to cases from customers who have succeeded in their work and want to share their experiences.

EU legislation for the public sector

The Web Accessibility Directive means that new websites in the public sector must fulfill the requirements of the law as early as September. From the European Commission's department responsible for web access CNECT a prominent speaker working with the Web Accessibility Directive will present the latest news. The name has not yet been confirmed.

EU legislation for the private sector

Inmaculada Placencia Porrero, Senior Expert at the Unit for Social Affairs, Disability and Inclusion, DG Employment, will present the latest news about the European Accessibility Act. This legislation covers parts of the commercial sector and places demands on digital accessibility in sectors such as banks, e-commerce and e-books. The formal decision on exactly when the law will enter into effect is made in April, so the lecture is very timely!

Follow-up, fines and law enforcement in Norway

From the Norwegian monitoring agency Difi, unit manager Malin Rygg will present about the monitoring of web accessibility regulations in Norway. In 2018, the agency for the first time used the threat of fines for organisations that do not comply with the rules. The Norwegian law covers both the public and private sectors. Norway will also introduce the European Web Accessibility Directive, probably this summer, which of course makes the presentation extra interesting. Should Norway choose to tighten the law also for the private sector or accept that different sectors have different rules?

The authoring tools of the future can provide better accessibility

One of the technical in-depth tracks is about the latest in content management systems and how they can contribute to better accessibility. Peter Sunna, who leads the product team at Contentful, a Berlin-based company at the forefront of the field, shows and describes the latest news. In addition, Funka's Quality Manager Johan Kling presents an update from the ongoing from one of our EU-funded research projects, where we work to improve the most widely used content management systems in Europe from an accessibility point of view.

Understandable content for everyone

Funka's language expert Karin Forsell focuses on plain language and talks about the results of our annual survey and a project we are conducting with Botkyrka municipality and Linnaeus University about how municipalities inform people with other mother tongue than the official one. Welcome to take part of new findings and practical tips.

Accessible documents

This lecture shows how users with assistive technology handle documents. In addition, Funka's Danne Borell, Erik Börjesson and Raouf Sormunen go through how you should work with documents and what the law really requires.

CUSTOMER CASE: Tools to declare the status of accessibility

Thea Handal Sneve and Martin Skifte Swartling from the Norwegian monitoring agency Difi talk about the new tool that Funka has developed. Both those who are covered by the law and the authority can now easily declare and measure the level of accessibility in self-service machines and in the future also websites. Funkas Anders Beinhoff shows how smoothly the tool works in reality.

WCAG 2.1 in practice: solutions that work

New requirements mean new challenges - during this presentation, Henrik Juhlin and Frida Westholm from Funka's development and design team show good solutions, good examples and smart implementations that meet the law's requirements and work well for users with varying abilities.

Cognitive accessibility - target groups whose needs are not met

Difficult interfaces affect us all, but can be impossible to use for people with cognitive impairments. In order to better include people who have difficulty reading, understanding, concentrating or putting things in context, Funka is investing heavily in cognitive accessibility in our research. Sara Kjellstrand and Emil Gejrot talk about the latest research findings and ongoing projects.

On the in-depth tracks, we promise both practical tips and live demos. In addition, clients who succeeded in their accessibility work talk about successes, methods and pitfalls. The user perspective is always included, not least in the exhibition where you can try different kinds of assistive technology and get a better understanding of how your interfaces work for different target groups.

We also look at the latest technology, trends and future opportunities. And – of course there will be the traditional surprise and an oportunity to network meet our experts and all the other program items that several thousand former participants have given such high rating over the years!

General information on the event

Funka Accessibility Days is northern Europe’s largest conference on accessible ICT. We are proud to welcome some of the world´s leading experts on web accessibility to the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. The event will take place at Quality Hotel Friends, in Solna, north of Stockholm. 

The conference has plenary sessions on regulations, legislation and standardisation at national and international level. We also have parallel sessions where you can concentrate on content, design, navigation, and how visitors perceive information. Or you can focus on technology, developer issues, testing tools and assistive technology.

During the conference, there is an exhibition where you can test assistive technology, meet end users, look at new solutions and follow exciting research projects. You can speed date with our best consultants, a perfect way to ask specific question and interesting discussions.

The program is held in English, Swedish and Norwegian and simultaneously interpreted to English, Swedish sign language and captioned.


The professional association IAAP Nordic organizes its first conference in the Nordic countries the day before the Accessibility Days. It provides an opportunity for in-depth sessions for those who want to develop as an accessibility expert. If you want to go to both conferences you will receive package prices. More information about the side event on the IAAP Nordic website:

IAAP Nordic Conference 8 April, opens in new window

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Funka Accessibility Days 2019

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    Quality Hotel Friends, Solna, Stockholm
    April 9th 2019
    09.30 – 16.00 Conference
    16.00 – 18.00 Exhibition and Networking


    April 10th 2019
    08.30 – 15.00 Conference