Funka Accessibility Days

During the 10th anniversary of the Funka Accessibility Days, much will of course revolve around the Web Accessibility Directive, and the new European accessibility standard that the public sector must meet. We will also focus on the latest version of the international guidelines WCAG 2.1 and the latest in accessible technology, design and content.

This year’s international outlook is provided by Spain, a country that is in many ways a forerunner in web accessibility. Elena Muños Salinero, responsible for the observatory in the central government monitoring agency will tell us about how they have succeeded so well.

Our main moderator is Katarina Gidlund, digital researcher and professor of Critical Studies of Digitisation and Social Change at Mid Sweden University. Much like us at Funka, she is committed to contributing to a better world.

Among our many fantastic speakers is Dr. Christopher M. Lee, known and acknowledged for his great knowledge and practical experience of cognitive impairments and learning disabilities. Chris will talk about how intervention, automation, centralisation, control, and education can work together to create increased accessibility.

We are excited to welcome Mark Robbins, a real pioneer in making email accessible. It's significantly harder than providing accessible websites and apps, since as a developer or a designer, you cannot control email clients in the same way you can control websites. Luckily, there are many great tips and tricks that Mark will share with us. We are looking forward to a really nerdy technology talk.

Since the new international WCAG 2.1 standard will be released this summer, we will present all the technical, design and content items in the new success criteria, and how to relate to them. Whether you create requirements, procure, develop, design or publish web content, you will need to learn more about these success criteria and requirements. To that end, we are letting brilliant accessibility expert Torbjørn Helland Solhaug from our Oslo office run through the content and design items, while our star-developers Henrik Juhlin and Christer Janzon straighten out what actually applies from a developer's point of view. Expect practical tips and many examples!

We have once again managed to get Shadi Abou-Zahra, who is leading the work on the WCAG guidelines, to join us to tell us about the latest W3C developments regarding standards and tools, monitoring and artificial intelligence. Shadi will, among other things, tell us about the newly launched EU project WAI-tools, which will harmonise automation of accessibility tests, and about the long-term work of the working group called "Silver", which is assembling the next generation of guidelines – very exciting!

Funka's fantastic designers Frida Westholm and Lina Larsson go in-depth on what accessible design really is, and how to ensure that the design of your interfaces helps the user and meets the legal requirements, while also being aesthetically appealing. A lot of inspiration is guaranteed!

As always, we also let customers share their own experiences and give important advice. This year, we are proud to present the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s ambitious work to ensure that the entire organisation understands what is required, and to truly make certain that accessibility permeates the business both externally and internally. Funka's Head of Analysis Andreas Cederbom, who is leading the assignment, participates in the presentation.

Things will get very hands-on when Samantha Evans of the AMAC / Georgia Institute of Technology, which leads the certification work of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), explains what this work entails. The Nordic local chapter of IAAP has recently begun operations, and Frida Sandberg, who is leading the work in the Nordic region, is here to presents what the organisation can offer.

Funka's development department, led by always clever Head of Quality and Consultancy, Johan Kling, shows what we are doing in our innovation projects and how different tools can help our customers do the right thing.

As usual, we also get an overview of laws and regulations, from an EU as well as Nordic perspective.

In addition, we are doing a global outlook to learn from the best practices happening around the world.

After the conference this spring, participants said:

Debra Ruh‏, Ruh Global, USA @debraruh 
#funka2017 is the #accessibility conference to attend. I can see why people come back Year after year. #AXSChat
Billy Gregory, ‏Paciello Group, Canada @thebillygregory
That was so much fun! #Funka2017 was amazing, I was truly honored to be a part of it. Thanks to @FunkaNu and the entire Funka team!
Neil Milliken, ATOS, UK‏ @NeilMilliken 
Thanks for a great conference @FunkaNu you put on a heck of a show. #funka2017 rocked!

”Meet the expert” is a successful part of the program where you have the opportunity to book a master class with Funkas’ experts in smaller rooms, during the event. You can choose to pose your questions to a developer, a designer, a language expert, a requirements specialist, an assistive technology expert or an over all accessibility professional – and get answers and recommendations on the spot.

On request, we also provide a short introduction to web accessibility in 60 minutes, before the conference starts, to help rookies get on track. The idea behind this is of course a try to welcome curious newcomers to the world of accessibility.

General information on the event

Funka Accessibility Days is northern Europe’s largest conference on accessible ICT. We are proud to welcome some of the world´s leading experts on web accessibility to the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. The event will take place at the Elite Hotel Marina Tower where we will have more or less the whole hotel to ourselves, and where our guests can enjoy modern facilities and a stunning sea view.

The conference has plenary sessions on regulations, legislation and standardisation at national and international level. We also have parallel sessions where you can concentrate on content, design, navigation, and how visitors perceive information. Or you can focus on technology, developer issues, testing tools and assistive technology.

During the conference, there is an exhibition where you can test assistive technology, meet end users, look at new solutions and follow exciting research projects. You can speed date with our best consultants, a perfect way to ask specific question and interesting discussions.

The program is interpreted to and from Swedish and English, Swedish sign language and written transcription in Swedish.

Practical information


Funka Accessibility Days 2018

  • Apr

    Elite Hotel Marina Tower, Stockholm
    April 17th 2018
    09:30 – 16:00 Conference
    16:00 – 18:00 Exhibition and Networking


    April 18th 2018
    08:30 – 15:00 Conference


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