Accessibility Days 2011

Funka Accessibility Days are over for this time. Pedagogics, e-services, computer games and complex formats such as WAI ARIA and HTML 5 were some of the themes this year. In 2011 the conference, which is the only conference in Northern Europe on accessible information, was held at Nalen in Stockholm, an inspiring meeting place.

For the third consecutive year Funka gathered international and Swedish accessibility experts to discuss and learn more about accessibility from each other.

Quotes from Funka Accessibility Days 2011.

I want to congratulate to a really well performed event, capable speakers and interesting lectures! 

Annelie Olsson, Web management at SEB
Hello everybody! Thank you for a great conference! Good structure, good length on every session/subject, good everything.. I want to (read: absolutely) come back next year! 

Matti Ståhlberg, webmaster at Borlänge municipality
I´m very pleased, didn´t think that it could be as good as last year, but it was!” 

Staffan Hammerman, Coordinator, Specialpedagogiska Skolmyndigheten, the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools, SPSM
Thanks again for a kind treatment and a smashing conference! I got the opportunity to network with some of the big guys in the business who gave me both useful information and guidelines, priceless to me! 

Viktor Johansson, Sogeti