Accessibility Days 2012

The fourth Funka Accessibility Days were a huge success. More participants than ever gathered in Stockholm for two intense days. Many committed attendees mingled around the different exhibition stands at the end of the first day. Funkas’ consultants received many tricky questions on code, assistive technology tools and content. The program was, as always, interpreted to and from Swedish, Norwegian and English and translated to Swedish sign language and written transcription.

Quotes from Funka Accessibility Days 2012.

This week I attended Funka Accessibility Days which is arranged by Funka every year. This was my first time and I can only say that this was a fantastic experience. I will bring a lot of ideas and thoughts back home. 

André E. Karlsson, Sollefteå Municipality
Lovely days at #funka2012 – educational and professionally performed. 

Vidar Haagensen‏, journalist Norway 
I/we are going home to transform inspiration, knowledge and network into practical and accessible use. Thanks! 

Anna Kim-Andersson, information manager in Nässjö, Sweden 
High recognition factor in this presentation. So good it deserves two exclamation marks!! 

Maria Holm, web developer at Skellefteå Municipality, Sweden
Realizing that many things at #funka2012 are universal for those who want to do the right thing on the web, more people should be here. 

Hans von Axelson, The Swedish Agency for Disability Policy Co-ordination, Handisam
Funka has developed guidelines for accessible mobile interfaces. 16 guidelines in total! Well done! 

Jan Korpela, Site Vision
Now it became really cool, the interpreters in writing and sign language interpret what the interpreters are interpreting. In real time…….. :0 

Cizzi Storm, usability strategist