Accessibility Days 2014

The sixth edition of Funka Accessibility Days was a success with more participants than ever. Right now we're pretty exhausted, but have already started to plan next year's event. All your tips, comments and ideas are more than welcome!

Thank you to everyone who has spoken, presented, interpreted, exhibited, demonstrated, participated, listened, asked, mingled, networked and in every way contributed to make Funka Accessibility Days the fantastic event that we are so proud of.

Some pictures and quotes from the conference are presented here:

Well, #Funka2014 was excellent. New friends. Lots to think about and a sense of many threads coming closer together.

Steve Lee, Open Directive
Thank you Funka for an excellent conference!

Pär Lannerö, the Swedish E-gouvernment Delegation
@FunkaNu ”The EU directive on web accessibility will be adopted… in our lifetime!” Policy is always slow… LOL

Loïc Martínez Normand, The Technical University of Madrid
Great thanks for an excellent arrangement! High quality of speakers and of the whole arrangement! As usual!

Henrik Gouali, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
Looking at persons with disabilities as a separate target group… is heavily disliked at Funka Accessibility Days

Åsa Rosander Greholt, The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools
An impressive amount of simultaneous interpretation during Funka Accessibility Days. Written transcription, sign language and translation to and from English. 

Gustav Stenbeck, Nordic Choice Hotels
The look on the face of the sign language interpreter when @brucel said ”Nested tables”. Priceless!

Iacobien Riezebosch, Iacobien
Thank you for two stuffed days with lots of inspiration and wiseness!

Nils Ingvarsson, The Swedish National Courts Administration

At the same time, on the other side of the globe

The Australian organisation Media Access, writing about web accessibility, has published three speaker interviews from Funka Accessibility Days. 

Interview on accessible forms with Funka’s Andreas Cederbom, opens in new window

Interview on cognitive accessibility with Funka’s Stefan Johansson, opens in new window

Interview on SEO and accessibility with Pineberry’s Michael Wahlgren, opens in new window