Accessibility Days 2015

For the seventh year running we have staged Funka Accessibility Days and just as previous years all participants, speakers, exhibitors and partners contributed to a fantastic arrangement, many thanks to you all! When we have caught our breath we will evaluate our efforts and start planning next year’s conference. All tips, comments and ideas are welcome to help us improve the event that we are so proud of.

We publish some images and quotes from the conference here:

”Thanx for two great days at ‪#Funka2015 ‪@FunkaNu & co. Professional execution with wonderful and learning content.”

Carl Heath, Interactive Institute
”Agree w Nigel at Funka; we must do accessibility work together! Great 2 days w lots of experts. Thank you! ‪#Funka2015”

Lena Wenman, The society for Finland-Swedish Sign Language speakers

Tommy Edison, surprise speaker at the Accessibility Days.

“On the way home from two very rewarding days at #Funka2015 with new knowledge and new connections. Good work on the interpreters!”

Fredrik Roos, the Swedish National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools
“Finally at #Funka2015 Accessibility is one of my favourite topics in communication. Woe to him that does not even try to be accessible! ;)”

David Hesslefors, Region Skåne 
”Tommy Edison (blind) is surprise guest! Used to work at the radio as a traffic reporter :) he is hilarious ‪#Funka2015”

Martin Kramer, Siteimprove

Funka’s Stefan Johansson speaks on “Ask a silly question...”

”The feelin' when the World Record of the amount of Slides in a pres. is being smashed, and you still feel energetic as audience. ‪#Funka2015”

Magnus Johansson, Piteå Municipality 
“Very impressive was also the conference’s simultaneous translation in headphones and through sign language interpreters and real-time captioning on a large screen!”

Sara Lerén, Inuse

Funka’s Louise Tengstrand and Linda Sjöberg from the Swedish eHealth Agency play games using assistive technology.

Funka Accessibility Days generates international attention

We are proud of the fact that our conference receives international attention. The Australian organisation Media Access Australia, that publishes news on accessibility, continuously publishes interviews with speakers from the Accessibility Days, as they have done previous years:

Interview on lessons learnt from Skandiabanken’s work on accessibility, with Snorre Kim, opens in new window

Interview on what we can learn from Canada, with David MacDonald, opens in new window

Interview on accessibility for the apathetic with Lyza Danger Gardner, opens in new window

Interview on assistive technology - much more than screen readers, with Hampus Sethfors, opens in new window

Interview on why UX fails with Chris Feix, opens in new window

Interview on designing for extreme users with David Berman, opens in new window

Interview about forgetting legislation and to focus on UX, with Susanna Laurin, opens in new window