Accessibility Days 2016

Thank you dear speakers, exhibitors, interpreters, suppliers and participants for your contribution to another fantastic event! As soon as we have evaluated the conference, we start planning for next year. If you have ideas for themes or speakers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Some quotes and photos from this year:

Brilliant conference! Will be back next year (and would love to speak).

Alistair Duggin, Government Digital Service
I highly recommend it. Wonderful conference, wonderful organization, wonderful people.

Denis Boudreau, Deque Systems

Leena Haque, surprise speaker at the Accessibility Days.

Thanks friends at Funka for an awesome life-changing experience!

Leena Haque, BBC
Thank you so much for hosting such an inspiring conference. Well executed!

Malin Rygg, Difi, Norge

A sign language interpreter hears the English presentation translated to spoken Swedish in the headphones and interprets that into Swedish sign language.

Swedish, English, sign language and written transcript – at the Accessibility Days there are languages for every one, all the time.

Lena M Johansson
Thank you for including me in your wonderful conference. An honor to be part of it. 

Lainey Feingold, Law Office of Lainey Feingold

Danne Borell from Funka is instructing participants in playing computer games with different assistive technology.

We enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas with others interested in our field. Your thoughts are important to us, so take a chance and start a conversation. Who knows, it might result in a project or an investigation.

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