Accessibility Days 2017

Thank you dear speakers, exhibitors, interpreters, suppliers and participants for your contribution to another fantastic event! As soon as we have evaluated the conference, we start planning for next year. If you have ideas for themes or speakers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Some quotes and photos from this year:

Neil Milliken, ATOS, UK‏ @NeilMilliken
Thanks for a great conference @FunkaNu you put on a heck of a show. #funka2017 rocked!

Bart Simons, ‏AnySurfer, Belgium @simonsbart
thank you so much to everyone (speakers, interpreters, @funkanu & @elitehotels staff) who made #funka2017 a tremendous success

Scott Jehl, ‏Filament Group, USA @scottjehl
Thanks so much, @FunkaNu, it was an honor and great fun to be here to speak with you all today. Thanks for the nice feedback! #funka2017

Debra Ruh‏, Ruh Global, USA @debraruh
#funka2017 is the #accessibility conference to attend. I can see why people come back Year after year. #AXSChat

Billy Gregory, Paciello Group‏, Canada @thebillygregory
That was so much fun! #Funka2017 was amazing, I was truly honored to be a part of it. Thanks to @FunkaNu and the entire Funka team!
Cordelia McGee-Tubb, Dropbox, USA‏ @cordeliadillon
Impressed by a11y of #Funka2017 conf! Swedish captions, live audio translation between Swedish & English, interpreted in 2 sign languages.