Accessibility Days 2018

Thank you dear speakers, exhibitors, interpreters, suppliers and participants for your contribution to another fantastic event! As soon as we have evaluated the conference, we start planning for next year. If you have ideas for themes or speakers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sara Lerén @HeedTheNeed
My most heartfelt thanks to @FunkaNu, fab speakers and awesome peeps for creating a fantastic #Funka2018!

Sommer Panage @Sommer
Such an awesome, international and #accessible setup for this amazing conference! #Funka2018

Shadi Abou-Zahra @sabouzah
thank you #Funka2018 for an excellent event once again!

Anna Karon @anqa_ka
Great time and great conference: simultaneous translation, live captioning, sign language (Swedish), inspiring talks, interesting exhibition and fantastic people! #Funka2018

Rudolph Brynn @RudolphBrynn
Flotte temaer tatt opp på Funkas konferanse! Interessante 2 dager. #Funka2018 #universellutforming

Ville-Veikko Ilén @0C5
t's been a busy day at Funka Accessibility Day. Loads of good speakers and a lot of new information to take in 💪😅 #Accessibility #Funka2018 #Sweden #Stockholm