Accessibility Days 2019

Thank you dear speakers, exhibitors, interpreters, suppliers and participants for your contribution to another fantastic event! As soon as we have evaluated the conference, we start planning for next year. If you have ideas for themes or speakers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Some quotes and photos from this year:

#AccessibilityAct adopted by @EUCouncil while Ima Placencia from the EU Commission was presenting it at #Funka2019

My only complaint was that I had to choose between two tracks of speakers, but that is the way it is at conferences. So much good stuff and you can’t see it all. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again.

Jack Nicolai

Impressed by talk by eminent Chieko Asakawa on real world accessibility #funka2019 Awe inspiring!

Malin Rygg, Difi

#Funka2019 has grown. It’s even going to be a #accessiblegaming session:)

Bjørn Tore Jakobsen, Uloba


Love how accessible #Funka2019 is: Large screen with transcript, large screen with sign language interpreter, and live audio translation into English.

Zoë Bijl

It was so lovely to be at the conference. I really enjoyed it and I thank you and the whole Funka team for such a great experience. The conference was so well run and organized. Thank you!

Kathy Wahlbin

Could I have a funka jacket? ;) #Funka2019

Milan Parmar