Previous conferences

In 2010, the soft theme of the conference was about how good design/form is a necessity when aiming for good accessibility. Bo Bergström from the Academy of words and pictures and Hans Persson from the Institute of human technology talked about the endless possibilities of form and design. Funka showed how mainstream-products, such as touchscreen phones with built in tools, lead the way for special aid suppliers.

The technology theme was ‘New technology that helps users.’ Representatives from Adobe and Yahoo were invited to show how these rather complex formats could be used to heighten the level of accessibility. Representatives from the Stockholm municipality had a seminar about their expanding work with e-services, and Funka proved that the elderly surf the web just as differently and diversely as every other web surfer.

An international glance came from Denmark who told us about competitions and measures in accessibility. From the EU-Commission, Inmaculada Placencia- Porrero talked about some of EU’s visions with inclusions.  

Accessibility conference of 2009

In 2009, we had WCAG 2.0 as our technology theme. The guidelines had recently been released in a new version and among our presenters were representatives from W3C and the Bartiméus Accessibility Foundation of the Netherlands. A concrete result of the conference was that Funka was given the prestigious assignment of translating the WCAG 2.0 guidelines into Swedish from the W3C.

The soft theme of 2009 was comprehension. Funka reported on a project we had as an assignment from many different disability organizations. Researchers from Certec, journalists and editors with experience in making content comprehensible were there to guide and educate.

As an international inspiration, representatives from Norway were invited to tell us more about their new legislation. From the EU-commission, Paul Timmer, via video-link, held a speech about standardization within the EU. 

Reccurring programs

Reccurring parts of Funka’s accessibility conference are our so-called popular stations. Funka and invited developers/proprietors are there to display and answer questions about different special aid technologies. End users and leading experts are there to answer questions from participants. They are also given the opportunity to try different aids on their own website and mingle, all accompanied with different snacks as well as champagne.