Funka offers a series of modules on accessibility training taking into consideration the specific needs of the team of our clients. Presented below you can find various parts that can be combined at wish.

The precise content of the course is put together together with the client in order to further adapt our modules to the level of awareness and knowledge of the audience.

Our experienced trainers always show examples and all participants will get our documentation after the training. Many clients also combine our courses with a package that contain the possibility to get further support after the training.

Some examples on training modules we offer:

For all roles

  • Introduction to web accessibility
  • Target groups and statistics: who are we talking about?
  • European regulations, global standards and local legislation
  • Assistive technology and use cases

For web authors

  • How to publish accessibly
  • Multimodality: use text in combination with images and video
  • How to write accessible, including easy to read
  • Accessible PDFs

For developers

  • Code quality: validation, why and to what extent
  • Marking up the code, script and dynamic content
  • Structures in the html code (headers, articles, roles)
  • Testing for accessibility 


José Angel Martínez Usero

Title: Responsible for International Affairs (José Angel Martínez Usero)

+34 696 721 444 (José Angel Martínez Usero)