Technical accessibility, advanced training

The training is intended for developers, graphical artists and those responsible for the development process requirements. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is needed.

The technological advancements made have opened the door for a completely new kind of web service. Scripts and RIA (Rich Internet Applications), for example Ajax, enables you to create services that can help guide the user in their interaction with the website.

Used correctly, these technologies can be used to increase accessibility and usability in a way that was previously impossible. But this requires project managers, graphical designers and developers now what to do and what can go wrong. WCAG 2.0 have also provided guidelines on how to use these kinds of technologies.

You will learn what to think about when developing dynamic interfaces, what special requirements these technologies set for the design and development. We will also demonstrate how the assistive technology interact with new kinds of scripts and where things can go wrong.

Topics that will be discussed during the training:

  • Current guidelines, WCAG and WAI-ARIA
  • Concrete examples of solutions
  • How the technologies work for persons with disabilities
  • When to use/not use the technologies
  • How the interaction works with assistive technologies, theory and practical demonstrations
  • What to remember during the development process
  • How to test accessibility

Prior experience:

Some basic understanding of HTML and accessibility is needed


Only theoretical

Full day:

Theory before lunch and a customized package for the efternoon, using examples from your environments and needs.